Modular homes offer worry-free construction

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Paula Levy Photo – Gold River Homes co-owners Terry Elliott, left, and Peter Reeves set up Gold River Homes to offer customers an option for new home construction. In the background is a show home located next to their office.

Gold River Homes co-owners Terry Elliott and Peter Reeves decided one day to go on their own. The longtime real estate agents felt that working for themselves was a better option. Initially the two set up a Re/Max office in 2005. But just one year later, they added Gold River Homes to the real estate agency.

We saw there was a need for new houses,” said Mr. Reeves. “People couldn’t find really what they wanted because there wasn’t a lot of good pre-owned houses on the market. The houses they would look at needed a lot of repairs.”

He said to get a home to meet their vision, the price point was comparable to a new home.

Since they were already set up to sell real estate, Mr. Elliott and Mr. Reeves thought adding Gold River Homes to sell modular homes could serve a variety of clients’ needs. In 2006 they began selling not only pre-owned homes and land, but new homes as well. To further reduce the stress on the homeowner, the company also builds decks, sheds and garages to go with the new house.

Mr. Reeves explained that Gold River Homes primarily features manufactured, custom-built, modular homes by Supreme Homes. Opting for a modular home offers clients a worry-free home-building experience. He said modular homes are constructed in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled, manufacturing facility where issues such as delays of weather, subcontractor schedules and late material delivery can’t slow your home from being built on time.

“With our process you don’t have to worry about the stress and unpredictability of a home constructed on site. Issues such as inclement weather, labour shortages, scheduling problems, extension after extension, and ballooning prices simply vanish,” said Mr. Reeves.

“We give you a price and that’s what you pay us,” echoed Mr. Elliott.

Mr. Reeves said all customers need is an idea of the house they want and with the help of Gold River Homes, Supreme Homes will build the house to your specifications. Or, customers can simply create a list of features they want in a new home and that will form the foundation to develop the plans.

Mr. Reeves added that although it is not cheaper to have a modular home, it is comparable to a site build.

The homes offer efficient heating and cooling since they are well insulated and each home comes with a ductless heat pump. Mr. Elliott added that each home has an EnerGuide rating of 83 to 85.

“Every plan for a house we sent off to Sustainable Housing and they come back with a rating,” said Mr. Elliott. Upgrades are not only limited to energy efficiency. Mr. Elliott added that there are continuous upgrades even in the way the houses are manufactured.

Mr. Elliott and Mr. Reeves added that modular homes mean that customers get a brand-new home without all the headaches that site builds can create.

Source: South Shore Now November 6th, 2013