The Process

Gold River HomesOne of the reasons we started this business is that we perceived a need in our market for a simplified and more gratifying way of purchasing a home. When you consider that this is probably the biggest and most emotional investment of your life it made sense for us to have an approach that fully involved the customer in the enjoyable aspects yet insulated them from much of the drudgery that buying a house entails. We also realized that the factory manufactures way of building homes was becoming more popular and main-stream due to demographics, time lines, cost, and a very high quality of product. Marrying this production process and our mission to provide a great experience to the fact that we were also licensed REALTORS® made for fantastic synergies. We could now assist our clients in purchasing land or help them sell their home thereby moving them through the buying cycle in a relatively seamless manner. This has alleviated a lot of stress and has made the process far more enjoyable.

STEP 2: Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation we will discuss your family’s needs and wants. We will help you select a home design that perfectly fits your family’s lifestyle and we will discuss the many customizations and options such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, exterior finishes and shingles. We can also discuss financing options as well.

STEP 3: Site Assistance and Advice

We can advise you on site preparations such as required permits, site clearing, excavation, foundation, well and septic installation if needed, driveway installation, power approval, and all other necessary services.

STEP 4: Site Inspection

At this point, a consultant from Gold River Homes will do a final inspection to ensure that your site is prepared for the delivery of the home.

STEP 5: Delivery Day

On delivery day, your home arrives and is put on the prepared foundation.

STEP 6: Site Finish, Completion and Final Inspection

The site work and completion times will depend on the homes complexity and factors such as power hook-up.

STEP 7: Move In

You are now ready to move into and enjoy your new Supreme Home.

What Happened to STEP 1?

The first step to your new dream home from Gold River Homes is to arrange to meet with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Manufactured Housing Consultants. Arrange your meeting online or call now at 1-888-883-3033 and lets get it started!